Chapter 7: Intellectual Property Law

The acquis in this field determines rules for protection of copyright rights and neighboring rights, for industrial property rights and lays down provisions on civil enforcement.

In the field of copyrights and neighboring rights the aim is to transpose legislation in accordance with technological development as well as to adopt main international obligations on copyright and related rights. Directives in this field regulate different aspects of copyright policies such as cross-border transmission of audio-visual material, protection of databases, terms of protection of copyright and neighboring rights, rental and lending rights etc.

In the field of industrial property rights acquis stipulates the rules for the legal protection of trademarks and designs. Also it specifies partially harmonized regime for patents, as well as Community trademark and a Community design system. According to the Directive 2004/48/EC that regulates enforcement of the aforementioned rights, all Member States have obligation to ensure effective, dissuasive, and proportionate civil remedies and penalties for breaching those rights, that is for engaging in counterfeiting and piracy. By preventing entering of products that infringe copyrights and/or industrial property, Customs Administration has a significant role in exercising these rights.

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