• Vision and Mission


    The founders of the European Policy Centre – CEP agreed on the following vision of the organization for 2020:

    2020, CEP is one of the leading independent organization for research policy, with visible impact on the approaches and policy-making processes, as evidenced by the support of decision makers in Serbia for research results in at least 10 different research projects. CEP team members are, in 2020, widely recognized experts and researchers and their voice resounds strongly in the Serbian media. With well-developed thematic and horizontal partnerships in the country and in Southeast Europe, CEP has become a strong voice in the debate in the area of ​​EU policy in the region.


    I.   Enhance research and analysis as a basis for decision-making
    II.  Providing high quality alternatives of public policies in order to improve the process of Serbia’s accession to the EU and the positioning of Serbia as an equal partner EU Member States in terms of:

    1. Transparency and accountability of democratic structures of government,
    2. Arrangement and performance of the market, and
    3. The ability to not only meet the criteria for EU membership but also to maximize the rights and opportunities that arise from when we realize membership.

    In fulfilling its mission, the CEP seeks to maintain a delicate balance between the role of the Government’s partner on the road to EU accession and careful control of governmental activities and plans.

    In current activities CEP achieved very successful and close cooperation with state institutions, their representatives and the civil sector. Former partners of the CEP were: State Audit Institution, Ministry of Trade and Telecommunications, EU Delegation to the Republic of Serbia, Government of Serbia’s Team for social inclusion and poverty reduction, the Office for Human and Minority Rights, the Ministry for European Integration, National Consumer Organization of Serbia, USAID, the European Fund for the Balkans, and many others.

    CEP will continue to develop its network of members and experts to cover the entire system of policy-making in Serbia from the perspective of EU accession.

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